Black Tie Reputaton

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Recent Activity

RankPlayerTitleTotal GamesWin RateContribution to RatingTime Since Last Battle
1stpAdz2,51457%2615 minutes
2ndBenjiman7,11352%15624 minutes
3rdSniffy The Rat8,38553%8956 minutes
4thSaker6,99052%371 hour
5thMidshadow7,23354%2287 hours
6thmymorninggame9,45951%-428 hours
7thgrootz3,93650%648 hours
8thkontodogrania14,08752%-4116 hours
9thprotopot8,69151%-5022 hours
10thBolac1,47459%371 day
11thDARK MAGIC1,63157%551 day
12thgurjani1,87057%761 day
13thGriffTheThief12,23550%-453 days
14thmike11117,86950%-91 week
15thBBtto1,64851%-202 weeks