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Recent Activity

RankPlayerTitleTotal GamesWin RateContribution to RatingTime Since Last Battle
1stIOIOI6,91261%6502 hours
2nd3beanerWasteland Hermit7,73854%5362 days
3rdInkfingers2,59868%392 days
4thParodyKnaveBobLaughing Rogue3,11152%864 days
5thTheIvyX2,47554%301 week
6thGandalf the Grey Poupon9,51755%5402 weeks
7thSkullDestroyerThe Procrastinator32155%-96 weeks
8thMelancthonIron Dragon1,04852%147 weeks
9th131313134,22358%-2811 weeks
10thConan the Barbiturates1,37453%619 weeks
11thsnuff6,31954%37035 weeks