This includes all multiplayer scenarios played within the past 48 hours. If a scenario is not played for 48 hours it is removed from these tables and its data is reset.

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
MP Manor Ballroom10 minutes3,9114,9398,85044%
MP Manor Kitchen9 minutes4,1004,7318,83146%
MP Manor Parlor9 minutes4,0184,7298,74746%
MP Manor Sanctuary9 minutes4,1044,7818,88546%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
Host Quick Draw14 minutes25122347453%
LG Entropy Wars11 minutes29025354353%
LG Smash the Jar8 minutes5135541,06748%
Streams Quick Draw15 minutes7077011,40850%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
6 minutes9215925137%
Batford's Nightmare3 minutes34743%
Dark magician fighting pit10 minutes11250%
Failed Negotiaitions5 minutes101100%
sans2 minutes27922%
Sealed Demon Extermination2 minutes101100%
Son of Beach3 minutes0330%
Temple Troubles3 minutes16714%
[META] Banish - anaceh1 minute101100%
[META] Forum Notary - relay4003 minutes101100%
[META] Forum Notary - YourForumNameHere6 minutes0110%
[META] Guild Initiation2 minutes404100%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
Celestial Dojo Quick Draw57 seconds0110%
Filing Fracas Quick Draw9 minutes101100%
Host Quick Draw15 minutes101100%
LG Clash of Geomancy16 minutes13425%
LG Death March8 minutes3202313%
LG Entropy Wars11 minutes11250%
LG Office Mixup6 minutes101100%
LG Turret Tango16 minutes0110%
LG Wicked Waterway5 minutes11250%
MP AI Showroom11 minutes0110%
MP Arena Crescent10 minutes101100%
MP Bridge14 minutes32560%
MP Cave7 minutes72978%
MP Celestial Dojo12 minutes52771%
MP Celestial Lions9 minutes101100%
MP Celestial Temple9 minutes0110%
MP Crypt Feast10 minutes11250%
MP Crypt Sluice13 minutes14520%
MP Dungeon12 minutes303100%
MP Gladius Triple12 minutes0220%
MP Haunted Graveyard16 minutes0110%
MP Manor Ballroom11 minutes381127%
MP Manor Kitchen7 minutes691540%
MP Mystic Miasma Containment Circle27 minutes101100%
MP Rancid Cockroach Pools9 minutes53863%
MP Summoning Race15 minutes21367%
MP Tezkal Islands13 minutes21367%
MP Winter Rooms3 minutes0110%
MP Xmas Bridge3 minutes0110%
MP Xmas Rooms16 minutes202100%
Temple Tussle10 minutes555010552%

* Balance shows the percentage of player 1 wins across all games. Note that for low Total Games counts this statistic isn't particularly reliable.