This includes all multiplayer scenarios played within the past 48 hours. If a scenario is not played for 48 hours it is removed from these tables and its data is reset.

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
MP Bridge9 minutes3,5734,2147,78746%
MP Dungeon10 minutes3,6974,1927,88947%
MP Forest9 minutes3,5974,1667,76346%
Streams9 minutes3,5614,1557,71646%
Temple Tussle9 minutes3,5764,1577,73346%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
Forge Quick Draw15 minutes14417932345%
LG Entropy Wars11 minutes20620140751%
LG Office Mixup10 minutes15219134344%
Lost City Quick Draw14 minutes19916836754%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
6 minutes10394920%
Castle teleport7 minutes14520%
Challenge7 minutes101100%
DeckViewer23 minutes0110%
Exo is noob9 minutes101100%
Fast I gtg eat soon ;p30 seconds101100%
hm15 seconds101100%
I made a shitty map :p11 minutes101100%
I made some ugly board xD7 minutes101100%
KOBOLDS5 minutes34743%
Nice map who wanna try it out?5 minutes0110%
Night Of The Dead9 minutes24633%
Ok ill try8 minutes0110%
Water spiral11 minutes101100%
ZOMGOM7 minutes13425%
[META] Banish - Mad Mage2 minutes11250%
[META] Banish - MadMage1 minute101100%
[META] Dissolve Guild35 seconds101100%
[META] Guild Desertion3 minutes31475%
[META] Guild Initiation3 minutes505100%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
MP Bridge10 minutes1372065%
MP Cave15 minutes0110%
MP Chess8 minutes101100%
MP Corridors6 minutes101100%
MP Crypt Sluice15 minutes21367%
MP Cyber Dojo17 minutes0110%
MP Dungeon6 minutes101100%
MP Dungeon of Decay23 minutes0110%
MP Field of Screams17 minutes101100%
MP Forest11 minutes966616259%
MP Forgotten Temple36 minutes0110%
MP Gladius Quad13 minutes0110%
MP Grave of the Stench Demon12 minutes0110%
MP Haunted Cabin16 minutes0110%
MP Manor Quarters13 minutes0110%
MP Morvin's Aquifer of Effluence25 minutes202100%
MP Oasis4 minutes0110%
MP Tezkal Temple7 minutes0110%
MP Vulcan Cellar15 minutes101100%
Oozeball Quick Draw14 minutes11250%
Streams8 minutes2082871%
Temple Tussle10 minutes14111325456%

* Balance shows the percentage of player 1 wins across all games. Note that for low Total Games counts this statistic isn't particularly reliable.