This includes all multiplayer scenarios played within the past 48 hours. If a scenario is not played for 48 hours it is removed from these tables and its data is reset.

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
MP Citadel Engineering10 minutes2,1692,9325,10143%
MP Citadel Hall9 minutes2,4212,7515,17247%
MP Citadel Host9 minutes2,4932,7415,23448%
MP Citadel Irrigation10 minutes2,3222,7945,11645%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
Celestial Dojo Quick Draw14 minutes23726049748%
Kitchen Quick Draw14 minutes28230859048%
LG Musical Chairs8 minutes31230061251%
LG Turret Tango10 minutes16616332950%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
6 minutes33650%
Aloyzo's Anniversary3 minutes101100%
ASDASDASD46 seconds0110%
Balaa2 minutes101100%
Bashvspsi10 seconds0110%
EXBAIL'S DOOM10 minutes101100%
firstattempt21 minute16714%
Hi2 minutes0110%
Test 214 minutes101100%
Test 32 minutes0110%
The Blizzard3 minutes0110%
[META] Banish - Santandrea7 minutes101100%
[META] Dissolve Guild9 minutes18911%
[META] Guild Desertion6 minutes101100%
[META] Guild Initiation2 minutes202100%

NameAverage DurationPlayer 1 WinsPlayer 2 WinsTotal GamesBalance*
LG Wicked Waterway2 minutes0110%
Lost City Quick Draw18 minutes0110%
MP AI Mausoleum7 minutes0110%
MP AI Showroom10 minutes101100%
MP Bridge8 minutes44850%
MP Cave7 minutes21367%
MP Celestial Dojo18 minutes101100%
MP Celestial Temple11 minutes101100%
MP Citadel Engineering7 minutes101100%
MP Citadel Hall29 minutes0110%
MP Citadel Host15 minutes101100%
MP Citadel Irrigation10 minutes62875%
MP Crypt Chamber9 minutes11250%
MP Dungeon11 minutes0220%
MP Fool's Trap8 minutes0220%
MP Gladius Quad17 minutes0220%
MP Gladius Triple10 minutes0110%
MP Haunted Graveyard9 minutes0110%
MP Haunted Hall14 minutes101100%
MP Manor Ballroom9 minutes0110%
MP Manor Parlor13 minutes12333%
MP Manor Sanctuary6 minutes0110%
MP Mushroom Glade8 minutes101100%
MP Oasis11 minutes11250%
MP Summoning Race6 minutes101100%
MP Tezkal Islands9 minutes101100%
MP Tezkal Maze5 minutes101100%
MP Tezkal Temple8 minutes303100%
MP Vulcan Cellar4 minutes0110%
MP Vulcan Hoard12 minutes0110%
MP Vulcan Path2 minutes0110%
MP Winter Rooms12 minutes0110%
MP Winter Square3 minutes101100%
MP Xmas Square11 minutes101100%
MP Xmas Street15 minutes0110%
MP Yellow Brick Road7 minutes0110%
Streams7 minutes22450%
Temple Tussle13 minutes34743%

* Balance shows the percentage of player 1 wins across all games. Note that for low Total Games counts this statistic isn't particularly reliable.