Second Modune

June 2017

The Walking Carpets have managed to maintain their championship title for a second month in a row. But will they remain victorious in the second layer of ancient arenas?

From deep within the earth, a grumbling... suddenly the Plarenas launch themselves into the sky, their very foundations defying gravity. In the crater left behind, there is a new set of arenas. A message written in confetti and pepperoni appears in the sky. "The ancient arenas are unlocking. We must go deeper."

Reckless as always, the guilds of Cardhuntria march to battle!

It doesn't take long for the Battlefield Architects to ready the new arenas, and minstrels sing the praises of @Steinhauser, @Fanturluche, @uhlik, and @Juxtapostion! These Card Hunters have done us all a great service by providing this month's battlefields. They have been awarded pizza for their efforts. (If you want to join their ranks as a fellow modder, check out the forum thread for user-submitted ranked boards.)


The battlefields:
* Prizes are awarded to guild principals, who may distribute them however they wish.

800900100011001200130014001500160017001800Rating0123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930DayPractice guildsanctuaryFighting FishThe SharpSwordNot FeignersWandering TemplarsForever LoveWonder WharfLanQiYingCheckMate GamingBadmonasWizards Of DoomSorcererersMetamorphosis GammaStronghold of Moo Knights99 Lenbears WalkingOnFireWe Love PizzaDesigner's DenYourGuildNameHere SlovakThe GnomesThe Red Devilsthe Crazy 88Mind's EyeVichargeSt.exeAntiMetaCoporationsBrave Academy180 HEAVENLY NIMBUSThe Simmerin' CimmeriansPower of FiresHenry the Business PigLegendary LootzPizzaAndCoffeeBEERBARIANS CREWNinetyNineKnavesWalking CarpetsLeviathanGang Ben 003Braves of Glory

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stBraves of Glory1,6711,2271,80868%
2ndGang Ben 0031,6126781,00667%
4thWalking Carpets1,55568499769%
6thBEERBARIANS CREW1,4209491,58360%
8thLegendary Lootz1,243779978%
9thHenry the Business Pig1,22919131361%
10thPower of Fires1,1569815464%
11thThe Simmerin' Cimmerians1,15113223057%
12th180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS1,1287913160%
13thBrave Academy1,08126251950%
17thMind's Eye1,0162367%
18thThe Red Devils1,01413027447%
19ththe Crazy 881,014111765%
20thThe Gnomes1,013325756%
21stYourGuildNameHere Slovak1,0104910447%
22ndWe Love Pizza1,0098617848%
23rdDesigner's Den1,009204544%
24th99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire1,007295652%
25thStronghold of Moo Knights1,00322100%
26thMetamorphosis Gamma9991250%
28thWizards Of Doom998010%
30thCheckMate Gaming9966112549%
32ndWonder Wharf9901520%
33rdForever Love98861932%
34thWandering Templars987162759%
35thNot Feigners97613727949%
36thThe SharpSword93913127947%
37thFighting Fish93434172347%
39thPractice guild85828359048%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
1stkrystalis1BEERBARIANS CREW253
2ndsucreBraves of Glory210
3rdWoshinibabaGang Ben 003205
6thzippo_at_workBraves of Glory102
8thFiascooBraves of Glory83
9thRazorfinWalking Carpets83
10thDark BrightnessLeviathan79