December 2014

Every year is a wave, a unit of time with ebb and flow. As this year draws to a close, the guilds scramble to determine who will emerge the final champions. Previous months saw winners of sorts plant their emblems in the trophy halls of Cardhuntria, but this month - this final hectic month - will reveal the winner of the year.

... or will it? Waves are cycles, and cycles repeat. Just as the year draws to a close, so too does a new one start. The ruins of the Tezkal Valley reemerge, their every stone responding to the time magic woven by our calendars. The shifting landscape unsettles some, but the guilds of Cardhuntria aren't fazed. Their principals look upon the ruins with grim determination.

"We will outlast you," promises @Abbus, ultimate victor of Gnarlvember. His army of tamed Gnarls form ranks behind him, their bodies decorated with plundered Vulcan gold. "We shall maintain our dominion in this month, and all other months to come!"

The boast is heard far and wide. Guildhalls around Cardhuntria are drowned in the din of the fervent. This is no friendly competition. This is a war.

The battlefields:

600 600
600700800900100011001200130014001500Rating012345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031DayDouble Rainbow420 YOLO SQUADa walking paradoxRocketZ FactorDesigner's DenPhoenix of the SunThe Red DevilsSofa KingSorcererersForest WizardsCard HunterShadow of NazmorghulNinetyNineKnavesSt.exePizzaAndCoffeeWalking CarpetsPower of Fires

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stPower of Fires1,39534152365%
2ndWalking Carpets1,35612319264%
6thShadow of Nazmorghul1,16715125060%
7thCard Hunter1,117274659%
8thForest Wizards1,10019334955%
10thSofa King1,07723841857%
11thThe Red Devils1,05310820054%
12thPhoenix of the Sun997020%
13thDesigner's Den9961520%
14thZ Factor989102245%
16tha walking paradox92038175850%
17th420 YOLO SQUAD90312225149%
18thDouble Rainbow88416832652%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
3rdVakazPower of Fires82
5thFrigusMactoSofa King58
6thScarponiWalking Carpets54
7thHuttoShadow of Nazmorghul52
8thMisery CompanyNinetyNineKnaves52
10thTheShadowTitanPower of Fires43