November 2015

The Walking Carpets--clearly a bunch of haunted house trappings--did exceptionally well in Octezker, communing with their comrades among Cardhuntria's lingering dead. They saved the mortal lives of every Card Hunter with their intervention, and, as a result, reaped the rewards for the best guild of the month. Now we head into another round of jovial and not-entirely-serious head-to-head combat between guilds in the classic Gladius arenas. Who will emerge victorious and reign into the winter months? Will Walking Carpets establish themselves as the new top guild? Will Power of Fires return to dominance? Or will an entirely new actor in the constant guild conflict make its name known...?

Novarena is here!


The battlefields:
* Prizes are awarded to guild principals, who may distribute them however they wish.

900 900
9001000110012001300140015001600170018001900Rating0123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930DayGuildlessReaversCrantzenros SternenguildSnotling in the SkyClaptraps Birthday GuestsShadow of NazmorghulCharismatic Wall-BreakersRocketBack StabbathZ FactorWizards Of DoomThe Armchair GeneralsCLG & C9 SupremacyGhost WalkersKeepers of the GishBloodOathCheckMate GamingWe Love PizzaWonderlandThe Red DevilsBejeweled LasersWandering TemplarsOne Man ArmyKiller Green BudsMagicPractice guildNordheim Squatfolk UnionLanQiYingImpalers99K Boot CampPizzaAndCoffeeSorcererersThe Cult of Ironwood99 Lenbears WalkingOnFireBEERBARIANS CREWNinetyNineKnavesImmortals of DisorderPower of Fires180 HEAVENLY NIMBUSWalking Carpets

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stWalking Carpets1,7759831,33274%
2nd180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS1,5341,4862,31464%
3rdPower of Fires1,51947369568%
4thImmortals of Disorder1,44224236167%
6thBEERBARIANS CREW1,4159001,57557%
7th99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire1,37749181360%
8thThe Cult of Ironwood1,2128841,68852%
11th99K Boot Camp1,16548290853%
14thNordheim Squatfolk Union1,13528554952%
15thPractice guild1,10644188650%
17thKiller Green Buds1,04616832751%
18thOne Man Army1,044468852%
19thWandering Templars1,044213658%
20thBejeweled Lasers1,0408916554%
21stThe Red Devils1,02413227648%
23rdWe Love Pizza1,0106181,23850%
24thCheckMate Gaming1,007213658%
26thKeepers of the Gish1,0011250%
27thGhost Walkers1,0001250%
28thThe Armchair Generals999204347%
29thCLG & C9 Supremacy9994944%
30thWizards Of Doom997020%
31stZ Factor997020%
32ndBack Stabbath9965310750%
34thCharismatic Wall-Breakers994102245%
35thShadow of Nazmorghul991336948%
36thClaptraps Birthday Guests98512725051%
37thSnotling in the Sky9807615549%
38thCrantzenros Sternenguild974307043%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
1stNictus180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS265
2ndSoularmadylWalking Carpets201
3rdRoom9180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS187
5thFry_The_GuyWalking Carpets124
6thOld_GloryPower of Fires99
7thwwwS299 Lenbears WalkingOnFire93
9thmacizo180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS76
10thLeephaibulBEERBARIANS CREW73