This site offers metagame shenanigans for the awesome game Card Hunter, via its public API. Card Hunter [META] launched on the 1st of January 2014, and has processed 5,634,937 matches between 242,349 players. It deems 237,566 of them to be pretty decent folk.

What is a metagame?

It can mean different things in different concepts, but on this site it refers to a game that exists as a context for another, so for example whereas tennis is a game, a tennis tournament is a metagame. So, obviously I'm interested in things like tournaments, leagues, leaderboards, and guilds. Two of those things exist on this site already. Can you guess which?

What Else Might I Like to Know About?

I Have an Idea/Complaint/Itch

That's great! Come yell at me in the forum thread.