February 2016

The Walking Carpets kept a comfortable lead throughout most of Janissarium, and emerged victorious in Cardhuntria's monthly guild competition for the fourth consecutive month. Have they completely replaced Power of Fires at the top of the guild pyramid? Your guess is as good as anyone's, and this question is weighing heavily on the principals of the guilds in question.

It is rumored that an ancient lich resides deep in the Woodhome catacombs, and that unlike most liches it is a benevolent if aloof lich. Equipped with powerful divination magics, this lich is hard-sought for clairvoyances and prognostications by the players in the game of guilds. Into the crypts pour the masses of Card Hunters, seeking answers--and glory!--for their leaders.


The battlefields:
* Prizes are awarded to guild principals, who may distribute them however they wish.

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800900100011001200130014001500160017001800Rating01234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829DayThe SharpSwordMagicSpider Clanelephant in the roomWe Love PizzaForever Love99K Boot CampWandering TemplarsMmsa120sting's Bashers'Nordheim Squatfolk UnionShadow of NazmorghulKaOzKAAKGhost WalkersWizards Of DoomKiller Green BudsGuildlessThe Merry BanditsCrantzenros Sternenguild180 HEAVENLY NIMBUSHasht5The Other PlaceLanQiYingCheckMate GamingThe NecrissThe Red DevilsPractice guildThe Cult of IronwoodSorcererersPizzaAndCoffeeBEERBARIANS CREWCharismatic Wall-BreakersImmortals of Disorder99 Lenbears WalkingOnFireNinetyNineKnavesPower of FiresWalking Carpets

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stWalking Carpets1,6729131,26072%
2ndPower of Fires1,56339755072%
4th99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire1,4267711,24062%
5thImmortals of Disorder1,36336757863%
6thCharismatic Wall-Breakers1,24249590355%
7thBEERBARIANS CREW1,20148185756%
10thThe Cult of Ironwood1,1551,2082,26053%
11thPractice guild1,12222540655%
12thThe Red Devils1,11212422655%
13thThe Necriss1,08245385453%
14thCheckMate Gaming1,0448517349%
16thThe Other Place1,031202291%
18th180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS1,0213475%
19thCrantzenros Sternenguild1,018152365%
20thThe Merry Bandits1,0065863%
21stKiller Green Buds1,00416834149%
23rdWizards Of Doom1,0011250%
25thShadow of Nazmorghul9983933%
27thGhost Walkers998020%
28thNordheim Squatfolk Union997214250%
29thWandering Templars9968415853%
30thMmsa120sting's Bashers'9961520%
31st99K Boot Camp99228056550%
32ndForever Love989060%
33rdWe Love Pizza98822646049%
34thelephant in the room987122646%
35thSpider Clan97910020349%
37thThe SharpSword89632567848%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
1stSirSrslyWalking Carpets199
2ndSoularmadylWalking Carpets193
3rdTueNichtGut99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire184
4thThetianKnightPower of Fires114
5thmacizoImmortals of Disorder84
6thOld_GloryPower of Fires74
9thkrystalis1BEERBARIANS CREW64
10thSoulEyeThe Cult of Ironwood60