March 2016

Power of Fires did their best to redeem themselves in Tombruary, but Walking Carpets maintained their longstanding dominance by a comfortable margin. Now in control of the prophetic Woodhome Lich, @Gnizla and their band of animated floor decorations emerge from the crypts armed with the legendary Maps of the Battlefield Architects. You may remember these from Modune--and you may also remember that Modune was interrupted by the crash-landing of the Sky Citadel. Unfinished business abounds.

As guilds clash once again on the player-made arenas of Modune--Plarenas, as Cardhuntria has taken to calling them--, and minstrels once again sing the praise of @Gnizla, @LeisureSuitLoli, @uhlik, and @Juxtapostion! These Card Hunters have done us all a great service by providing this month's battlefields. They have been awarded pizza for their efforts. (If you want to join their ranks as a fellow modder, check out the forum thread for user-submitted ranked boards.)

Which guilds shall prove themselves upon these exciting new battlefields, and rise to become the TRUE champions of the Plarenas?


The battlefields:
* Prizes are awarded to guild principals, who may distribute them however they wish.

800 800
8009001000110012001300140015001600170018001900Rating012345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031DayThe SharpSwordHasht5MagicSt.exeForever LoveWandering TemplarsCrantzenros SternenguildSpeciem ElectriThe Merry BanditsThe Price of ProgressLegionsKiller Green BudsSpider Clanelephant in the roomNordheim Squatfolk UnionKAAKUnitedSurvivorsGamingThe Simmerin' CimmeriansCheckMate GamingPractice guildLanQiYing180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS99K Boot CampStronghold of Moo KnightsWe Love PizzaThe Red DevilsPizzaAndCoffeeSorcererersCharismatic Wall-BreakersBEERBARIANS CREWThe Cult of Ironwood99 Lenbears WalkingOnFireNinetyNineKnavesImmortals of DisorderPower of FiresWalking Carpets

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stWalking Carpets1,8721,1811,61373%
2ndPower of Fires1,57537852173%
3rdImmortals of Disorder1,50434949071%
5th99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire1,44256689863%
6thThe Cult of Ironwood1,3671,6702,98856%
7thBEERBARIANS CREW1,21833157957%
8thCharismatic Wall-Breakers1,2176941,29554%
11thThe Red Devils1,06820538953%
12thWe Love Pizza1,06629557951%
13thStronghold of Moo Knights1,0649717854%
14th99K Boot Camp1,05621842451%
15th180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS1,039203557%
17thPractice guild1,023428848%
18thCheckMate Gaming1,0188115851%
19thThe Simmerin' Cimmerians1,0186613649%
22ndNordheim Squatfolk Union1,013427854%
23rdSpider Clan1,01211021152%
24thelephant in the room1,012112250%
25thKiller Green Buds1,01010621549%
26thThe Price of Progress1,0025863%
28thThe Merry Bandits1,00111100%
29thSpeciem Electri999010%
30thCrantzenros Sternenguild9983650%
31stWandering Templars9938316351%
32ndForever Love987407851%
36thThe SharpSword90922144150%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
1stSirSrslyWalking Carpets244
2ndSoularmadylWalking Carpets176
3rdmacizoImmortals of Disorder168
4thHello WorldThe Cult of Ironwood116
5thdada112Walking Carpets109
6thOld_GloryPower of Fires96
8thGCarWalking Carpets91
9thZenmonk1Charismatic Wall-Breakers90
10thTueNichtGut99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire77