April 2016

In Plarch, the question was asked: which guild would rise to become the true champions of the Plarenas?

The answer was obvious: The Walking Carpets.

They beat the competition back by a crushing margin and reestablished themselves as a dominant force in Cardhuntria.

But wait... what's this?

From deep within the earth, a grumbling... suddenly the Plarenas launch themselves into the sky, their very foundations defying gravity. In the crater left behind, there is a new set of arenas. A message written in confetti and pepperoni appears in the sky. "The ancient arenas are unlocking. We must go deeper."

Reckless as always, the guilds of Cardhuntria march to battle!

It doesn't take long for the Battlefield Architects to ready the new arenas, and minstrels sing the praises of @Steinhauser, @Fanturluche, @uhlik, and @Juxtapostion! These Card Hunters have done us all a great service by providing this month's battlefields. They have been awarded pizza for their efforts. (If you want to join their ranks as a fellow modder, check out the forum thread for user-submitted ranked boards.)


The battlefields:
* Prizes are awarded to guild principals, who may distribute them however they wish.

900 900
9001000110012001300140015001600170018001900Rating0123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930DayThe SharpSwordKAAKPractice guildStronghold of Moo KnightsSpider ClanHasht5NoScopedLanQiYing99K Boot CampThe Forbidden GuildRocketShadow Walkers44HuntersWizards Of DoomThe Simmerin' CimmeriansNordheim Squatfolk UnionBadmonasLegionsK.B.R.T.DFW Nerd NightersCrantzenros SternenguildGuildlessMagicImmortals of DisorderDouble RainbowThe Price of Progresselephant in the roomCheckMate GamingWe Love PizzaThe DeathlingsShadow of NazmorghulSt.exeWandering Templars180 HEAVENLY NIMBUSKiller Green BudsBEERBARIANS CREWFunkyFreshAllStarsThe Red DevilsPizzaAndCoffeeCharismatic Wall-BreakersSorcererersThe Cult of IronwoodNinetyNineKnaves99 Lenbears WalkingOnFireWalking CarpetsPower of Fires

Season Standings

RankGuildRatingWinsTotal GamesWin Rate
1stPower of Fires1,83862581876%
2ndWalking Carpets1,8161,0761,43675%
3rd99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire1,5348111,22466%
5thThe Cult of Ironwood1,3691,5832,92654%
7thCharismatic Wall-Breakers1,2667801,49852%
9thThe Red Devils1,14320741250%
11thBEERBARIANS CREW1,11924848451%
12thKiller Green Buds1,11216931254%
13th180 HEAVENLY NIMBUS1,061212488%
14thWandering Templars1,0558516153%
16thShadow of Nazmorghul1,03911621853%
17thThe Deathlings1,026457263%
18thWe Love Pizza1,02336572750%
19thCheckMate Gaming1,01912022952%
20thelephant in the room1,019101377%
21stThe Price of Progress1,01781080%
22ndDouble Rainbow1,014173253%
24thImmortals of Disorder1,01022100%
26thDFW Nerd Nighters1,0011250%
28thCrantzenros Sternenguild1,00111100%
30thThe Simmerin' Cimmerians99915430550%
31stNordheim Squatfolk Union9996513548%
33rdWizards Of Doom999010%
35thShadow Walkers9961520%
37thThe Forbidden Guild99323447050%
38th99K Boot Camp99216132749%
42ndSpider Clan97010721350%
43rdStronghold of Moo Knights967448651%
44thPractice guild9565811650%
46thThe SharpSword90712325249%

Most Valuable Players

RankPlayerGuildNet Wins
1stSoularmadylWalking Carpets222
2ndrinco6999 Lenbears WalkingOnFire199
3rdmacizoPower of Fires180
4thScarponiWalking Carpets112
5thdada112Walking Carpets93
6thThetianKnightPower of Fires89
7thDeepweedThe Cult of Ironwood81
8thOld_GloryPower of Fires81
9thGnizlaWalking Carpets67
10thSirSrslyWalking Carpets66